5 Explosive Movements Without Any Equipments

  1. In this video, I perform 5 explosive movements you can do at home without any equipments. I finished the workout by doing some cone drills, however, if you do not have cones, you can even use water bottles.

  2. Squat jumps: For the first exercise I started with some squat jumps, I actually have another video in which I thoroughly explain the science behind squat jumps. Squat jumps are a simple, but yet a very effective movement you can do to increase strength, quickness, power, and explosiveness. When doing explosive movements it is best to keep the reps low because the whole point of explosive movements is being able to put out maximal force output, and tired legs do not allow for maximal force output. I like to do no more than 5 reps when do squat jumps. In the video I performed 3 sets of 5 reps.

  3. Approached squat jumps: These are very similar to basic squat jumps, but in this exercise you take a few steps into the jump. In doing these make sure your last two steps are very quick, you want to bring speed and power. I like doing these because it simulates an in action movement. For example, when a basketball player goes for a dunk, they are in motion, approach squat jumps mimics that motion. With this exercise I performed 3 sets of 3 reps.

  4. Tuck jumps: Tuck jumps are a great exercise that work on quickness and power off the ground. The moment your feet touches the ground you want to jump back up immediately. Low ground contact time is key. Tuck jumps also work on strengthening your hips muscles because you are forced to bring your legs up on each jump. With this exercise I performed 3 sets 8 of reps.

  5. Broad jumps: When performing broad jumps you want your legs to be shoulder width apart, you want to explode forward as hard as you can, make sure to land in a squat position. With broad jumps I like to keep the reps to 5 reps, broad jumps targets your whole body immensely. With this exercise I performed 3 sets of 5 reps.

  6. Power Skips: Power skips are one of my favorite exercises to perform. When I perform power skips I like to take 2-3 steps in between each jump. I do this to emulate the penultimate step. The penultimate step is the second to last step you take before jumping, it is common in basketball, long jump, and high jump. The penultimate step is suppose to be a quick power step, it forces your hips to lower a little bit if done properly. The lowered hip allows you to go more vertical. With this exercise I performed 3 sets of 6 reps (3 jumps each leg for each set).

  7. Cone drill, Hops into sprints: This exercise can be performed with a multitude of objects. It doesn’t have to just be cones, you can use speed hurdles, shoes, water bottles, etc. I would recommend 6-8 cones to hop over, once you’ve done the hop phase of the drill, immediately sprint up to 20-30 meters. When hopping over the cones you want to be quick off the ground. With this exercise I performed 6 sets consecutively.

  8. Side shuffle over the cones: This exercise helps with foot speed moving laterally, and agility. You want to be as quick as possible while making sure you have good arm movement. This a drill especially helpful to basketball, soccer, and football players. I did a total of 6 sets.

  9. Quick feet over the cones into sprints: This exercise is similar to the side shuffle, but instead of moving side ways you are going forward. Again with these, you want to be as quick as possible. After the last hurdle explode into a sprint, and then jog back. I performed a total of 6 sets.

The amount of sets and reps depends on your level of fitness, if you are not someone who performs these movement regularly then you want to modify the reps and sets. Essentially lower both the amount of reps and sets until you are physically at a place where you can add more workload. Doing too much too fast leads to injuries

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