Adding value to people’s live through sports training and fitness has become my passion

After suffering my hamstring injury in college and being unable to compete again as a jumper I thought to myself “man this is the only thing I’ve truly been passionate about it my life, now what?” I’ll add a picture of an old tweet for you guys, mind you I last competed in May of 2016.

For a long time I tried to get back into jumping after I had left the track team. I thought I can maybe get back, and compete unattached, so I started training by myself, however, my hamstring injury would constantly get aggravated and as time went on I started suffering from chronic hamstring pain in both hamstrings, hip pain, and an MRI showed arthritis in my lower back at the ripe age of 24. I realized that any hope of jumping competitively again was gone.

However, I never stopped training, I loved training, I had been working since the 4th grade for God’s sake. However, it was just something I did, it didn’t give me that excitement like jumping did. Last year I got a call from a cousin of mine that’s still in high school. He told me he gave up basketball and began competing as a long/triple jumper because that’s what I did. I was so excited when he told me, I immediately began giving him advice, providing him training, and constantly checking up on him. I decided I wanted to inform people and train people, and I wanted to reach as many people as possible, so I decided to create and Instagram and YouTube.

I didn’t start posting on YouTube consistently until the beginning of this year. However, with Instagram I began posting daily from May 28, 2019. My page began growing quickly, and with that came messages from a lot of young athletes and parents. I found that I really enjoyed answering their questions the best possible way I could. I loved being helpful to them, informing them, teaching them, and providing motivation to them. I get messages from people I’ve never spoken to saying they love my content and it really motivates them.

I now find that this has become my calling, this is the thing that has replaced my passion for jumping. I am happy to teach people what I’ve learned throughout the years. The knowledge I provide is something I wish I had when I was an athlete.

On another note stay safe during these difficult times.

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