Building strength in the weight room

When it comes to weight lifting you have to ask yourself a simple question. What do I hope to accomplish from lifting? There are many different types of lifting methods to get you different results, however, one thing is always consistent when it comes to lifting weights, and that is you build strength from it. Building strength is what I’ll be talking about in this post.

Why is building strength important? Being stronger makes daily life a lot easier, but that is common knowledge. If you are a person into fitness then you know building strength does a lot more than making daily life easier. The process of building strength makes you a healthier person. Being stronger gives you better posture, it helps you age better, you have more energy throughout the day, and my favorite thing about strengthen a muscle is that it makes the muscle less injury prone. A lot of people don’t know that strength training also builds bone and joint strength, not just the muscles.

Bench, squats, and dead lifts are three exercises I believe everyone should be doing, they are called compound lifts. Compound lifts work multiple muscle groups, they also tend to put a lot of stress on the entire body and really taxes the central nervous system depending on how heavy you go. Heavy is a relative term, because heavy is different for each person. When you decide to be a regular gym goer and have determined what you hope to accomplish, you first need to build a plan and a program. Most importantly, understand it takes time and patience to see significant results. The biggest mistake I made when I first began going to the gym was not knowing what I was doing. I knew I wanted abs, a bigger chest, bigger arms, and nice legs. Everyday I would go to the gym and literally target the same muscle groups day after day. This went on for a month, I was constantly in pain, I felt fatigued, and I barely saw any improvements with my strength and physique. I asked myself, why is it that I am not improving? Well the simple answer to that question was because I was not giving my muscles enough time to recover and rebuild.

The funny thing about our bodies is we need to be out the gym to see our results from the gym. Targeting the same muscle groups everyday is counter productive. When we workout we cause micro tears in our muscle fibers, when we are sleeping and resting those muscle fibers rebuild themselves stronger and bigger. It is that constant cycle of tearing and rebuilding that transforms our muscles. Not allowing your muscles the proper amount of time to recover causes intense soreness and central nervous system fatigue. The side effects of a fatigued central nervous system is feeling drained, tired, and a lack of energy.

Depending on what your goals are in the weight room, I recommend going to the gym three to five times a week, and most importantly train smartly and make sure to get as much rest as possible.

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