Do what you enjoy when it comes to fitness

I often get asked, “what’s should I be doing to get in shape?” by some of the clients I’ve gained through my Instagram @athletic_education. My first question is “what are you looking to gain?” All of clients, although a very small amount want to get stronger and get better in their sport. There is a general guideline when it comes to getting stronger. Lifting weights get you stronger, body weight exercises get you stronger. Whenever I design a program specifically targeted at a client I always include lifting weights and bodyweight exercises because those are a must in what they are trying to gain. However, when it comes to increasing their athletic abilities for their sports outside the weight room that’s where things get interesting.

Each sport requires different training methods, running distance requires more long runs than a football player training to build explosiveness. Athletes often go into a sport because they love it. Therefore when it comes to making a program for an athlete I target their sport, not just general athleticism. Because they love the sport and the program is specifically designed to fit the needs of that sport, they enjoy the workout more. They look forward to the workout. When I was a track athlete I couldn’t wait for practice, I would be looking forward to practice all day long. That’s how anyone should feel when it comes to working out. If you enjoy a certain type of training then focus on that, that’s what will keep you consist. I’ve had times in my training where I had 0 desire to workout. For example, I’ve gone through periods where I completely stop going to the gym for weeks at a time. This was because I lost the enjoyment of it, I knew I wanted to feel and look good, but I did not have the motivation to get up and go to the gym because I no longer looked forward to it.

If you are a person who enjoys CrossFit, then focus majority of your training to CrossFit, if you enjoy dancing then go to dance classes several times a week. Maybe you want to get into cardio kickboxing, then do it. There is no set-in-stone training that you should be doing. A lot of people go into the gym wanting to get in better shape, but they never stick to it, within a few weeks they stop going because it feels like work. That is why a lot of time you see a ton of people at the gym on New Years, but they disappear within a few days or a few weeks. Its almost like a disappearing act at a magic show. If the people making their New Years resolutions to get better shape actually sat down and thought about what they enjoy doing in terms of physical activity, and then made a plan, they will stick to it a lot longer than a few days or weeks, and that’s for anyone wanting to get into fitness.

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