Fat loss, Abs, Summer body??

This particular post is more about fitness than athletics, but fitness and athletics go hand in hand. I actually have a bone to pick with people throwing out core workouts telling people they’ll get abs in 30 days. Is it possible to get abs in 30 days? Yes it is. If you know about fitness then you know where I am going with this. You cannot get abs without first losing body fat! The amount of body fat that allows a person to start seeing their abs varies from person to person and gender as well. Men start seeing their abs around 15% of body fat, and for women it is around 18%. Men and women store body fat completely different from one another. At those percentages your abs will be visible, however they won’t shredded. Great looking abs start to show at 10-12% body fat for men, veins will be noticeable at that point. For women that shredded look is at 13-15% body fat.

Another aspect of how your abs will look when you do get to those lower body fat levels is the shape, and insertion of your abdominal muscles. Like they say, people come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do your abs. Some people will never get six pack abs because of the shape of their abdominal muscles, some people will only have two blocks of abs, and some will never have any sort of packs, just a flat lean stomach. Now there are people who have eight pack abs, I personally have an eight pack, but that’s only because of my muscle insertions, it doesn’t mean I work harder than the next person. Now how do you begin trimming your fat levels to show those abs? It’s really simple, diet and training.

I won’t give a full workout program on abs and losing weight right now, but I will tell you some things that are not so hidden secrets. Calorie input vs calorie output. To lose weight you need to put out more calories than you take in, but it’s not that simple, our bodies don’t want to make it that easy for us walk around with shredded abs. The type of calorie you take in also matters, if you’re taking in bad calories such as oily foods, or sweets then even while having a higher caloric output than input, your results will come a lot slower because our bodies want to store fat. Even with the little remaining calories you have left it will form into fat. However, when you eat healthy, there won’t be that much fat in your diet, meaning you’re burning calories without much fat attached to them, you’re burning what I like to call pure calories.

Now I am not saying don’t do core workouts because they are very important in giving your abs formation, and having them look tight and firm. More importantly doing core workouts enhances all your other workouts. A Strong core helps with body stabilization, and injury prevention.

I’ll be putting my core program together so anyone who wants to grab advice from it can, but I’ll tell you a little bit of what I do to keep my body fat low and my abs firm, I do five minutes of planks every day, and cardio five days a week, with an intense weight lifting regime.

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