How to perform advanced plyometrics to take your performance to the next level! MUST DO!

In this video, I performed nine #exercises that help with both #stability and #explosiveness.

1. Bosu Ball Jumping Side Lunges: The purpose of the exercise is to build both explosiveness and stability. Stability is extremely important for injury prevention and performance.

2. Kettlebell Deadlift Jump: Kettlebells are some of the most versatile gym equipment you can use. This is just one of the exercises you can perform with them. They help in building both strength and explosiveness.

3. Single-Leg Kettlebell Lunge Into Shoulder Press: Another kettlebell exercise, this exercise right here is a full-body exercise. it starts from the leg, through the core, and into the upper extremities. A full range of the kinetic chain.

4. Barbell Squat Jump: They are one of my favorite exercises, they are simple, however, an advanced exercise. You want to make sure you can perform jump squats without difficulty without weights before adding in weights. Rushing into this exercise can cause injury.

5. Low Platform Box Jump: This exercise is also considered an advance movement, you want to first be efficient at jumping without the weights, if you never performed box jumps before, then make sure you practice them over a span of weeks to build strength up and get your body use to them.

6. Medium Platform Box Jump: The same warning applies to this exercise as Low Platform Box Jump, but to a greater extent.

7. Barbell Bosu Ball Step-up: This is performed the same way you'd perform your basic step-up, however, the Bosu ball forces you to focus more on your stability. As you'll notice in the video I make sure to bring the none working leg to a 90-degree angle. This is very important, so make sure you do the same thing.

8. Depth Jump With Distant: This is considered a very advanced movement. Regular depth jumps are considered advanced because of how much pressure and power output it takes for your lower legs to explode you back up. This is because when you drop from the box your body weight almost doubles!

9. Romanian Deadlift Into Shoulder Press: As you'll notice in the video I move quite slowly through the eccentric phase of the deadlift, eccentric meaning lowering the weight in this situation. This is because you really want to feel that stretch in your hamstrings.

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