I’m getting back to my college competing weight, here’s what I’m doing! Simple!

I looked at myself in the mirror about two weeks ago, and I thought to myself “man! My winter bulk went very well!” Although I don’t call it bulking, I do a slow steady process of gaining weight, I don’t have a specific diet plan per say. I have a very simple way of either gaining or losing weight. I’m all about calories in vs calories out. When I’m trying to gain weight I up my calorie intake by about 200. This allows me to slowly gain solid muscle mass without adding too much fat. In the picture below I had gained almost 10lbs in the span of 5 months. If I’m being honestly I’d say 5-6lbs was muscle and only 2lbs was new muscle if that makes sense. I started my bulk in late September, I had been on a month lay-off, I wasn’t working out and I wasn’t eating much at all. So I went all the way down to 178lbs-180lbs. I usually hover around 185lbs-187lbs. I’ll also post the transformation pictures. By the end of my “bulk” I was hovering around 195lb-197lb, and boy did I love being at that weight from a looks perspective.

I do have to apologize for the cropping of the pictures, I apparently have no idea how to add pictures anymore on here.

Back to the topic! I loved looking the way I did, however, looking that way came at a cost, I found that I couldn’t move around like I wanted to, I felt bulky and slow footed, although I was still in great athletic shape I wasn’t satisfied. I’m more focused on being athletic rather than being a body builder. So 2 weeks ago I decided I wanted to get back to my jumping weight of 176lbs-179lbs, as I started my “diet”. Again my diet plan is very simple, I just eat less, and change what I eat. During my gaining weight phase, my daily diet consisted of eating a big bowl of oatmeal with a large spoon of peanut butter, for lunch I’d eat a bowl of rice or fufu, a west African cuisine, between meals I’d eat a cup of yogurt or two, for dinner I’d either make steak or chicken breast with potatoes.

Over the last two weeks I’ve reduced the amount of oatmeal and peanut butter I eat in the morning, for lunch I’ve been having a cup of yogurt, a mango, and an avocado. This doesn’t last me too long so I eat dinner earlier. I’ve taken red meat out of my diet and now just eat chicken or fish along with potatoes or a side of avocado. To finish the night I’ll eat a big bowl of salad with smoke salmon, and on the nights I feel really hungry I eat noodles. I have really changed my diet, just the amount I eat. I’m taking about 150-200 less calories below my maintenance calorie intake. Unfortunately I don’t have a scale, so I can’t check my weight. I can, however, notice I’m a little lighter, my abdominal muscles show a little more, and my clothes are a little looser. I decided to loss weight because I missed feeling light when I’m performing my explosive exercises, when I’m back to my jumping weight I’ll be stronger at that weight than I ever was because I made the most strength gains I ever made this winter. Diet is both simple, but yet the hardest for a lot of is. It’s hard to break habits

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