My Start as an Athlete

I remember when I first got into sports in the seventh grade, I had no idea that taking that first step would change my life forever and start a passion I hold very dear till this day. I also did not know what it meant to be an athlete and how hard it was. I first started my athletic career as a wrestling, I spent so much time watching the WWE and wrestling my cousins that I thought wrestling would be an easy breeze, boy was I wrong. I still vividly remember the first day of practice, the coach had us running for so long I thought I would fall into my death bed with ever next step. I had never been that tired in my life and the worst part was he would not allow us to catch a break. That was when I first realized that there’s a little thing called conditioning and building our bodies to be able to perform for the sport we chose as our passion. I quit wrestling two weeks after I had started it. That following spring I joined the track team, I thought it would be easier, at that point in my life I had no real passion for sports, for me it was just a way to avoid going home early and having my uncle force me to study. I really hated studying.

I remember the first day of practice, the coaches gathered all of us and asked us whether we wanted to be sprinters, field athletes, or distance runners. I originally wanted to be a sprinter, but as the people who wanted to be sprinters went to one side I felt intimidated right away, they were bigger and more muscular than I was, I decided I could not be a sprinter, but instead I chose to be a distance runner. I stuck with it longer than I did wrestling. I actually competed at a few meets. The first race I ever ran was the 800m and I was beyond nervous. I came second to last at that meet, last place was a teammate of mine. I once again came second to last at the following meet, and again last place was my teammate. By the third meet I knew two things, one I sucked at running the 800m and two I never had to worry about coming dead last because my teammate was worse than I was. I was perfectly content with the setup because I did not really care for it.

I quit track before the season was over, happy that I never came last. I thought that was the end of athletics for me, I tried my hand at two sports and they were too hard and tiresome. Eighth grade came around and I didn’t even attempt to join a sports team. As ninth grade came around my uncle began forcing me to study more, so I once again needed a good reason to not study, so I joined the indoor track team. I’ll never forget my first ever race as a high schooler, before the first race I was actually starting to develop a very, and I mean a very small like for running. The first meet comes around and I was so nervous my legs were literally shaking during warmups and at the starting line. The gun went off and 100 meters in my legs were burning, and I felt gassed. This was because I was so nervous, I ran a 6:37 mile and finally came dead last. I actually did not compete again for the rest of the season due to severe shin splints, and I was perfectly content with that. Once the spring season arrived I decided to give volleyball a try. I sucked at that as well, my hand eye coordinate was terrible, although it is much better now it still sucks. However there was one thing I discovered playing volleyball and it was that I jumped much higher than anyone else on my team.

Next post will be continue my journey into Athletics so tune in?

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