Target fat loss? Don't fall for it!

This is going to be short and sweet. So you want to lose fat around your midsection, arms, legs, or a specific area on your body. How can you target that specific area? What workouts can you do to target that area? Before we answer those questions make sure to follow me on instagram at @athletic_education.

  Well the answer to that question is you cannot. There is no such thing as targeted fat loss, I am sick and tired of seeing “gurus” selling workouts or products that will reduce fat in a certain area of the body. They know that is not how the human body works.

However, because so many people want to lose fat on a certain part of their body they buy these programs or products without the knowledge that what they are seeking is not actually possible in the way they think it is.

Our bodies work as a system, when calories are taken in they are used as energy that keeps our bodies as a whole functioning. If calories are taken in excess it will turn into fat, where fat is stored is dependent on the person. Some people store it on their mid sections, others legs, butt, and so on.

  Often times we see people doing a ton of ab workouts wanting to lose fat around their abdomen. Unfortunately that’s not helping in losing fat directly on the abdomen. It’s helping in burning calories which in turn helps those that are below their caloric maintenance lose fat (calories needed each day to maintain a certain weight). 

It’s very simple, losing weight is a process that occurs around the body as a whole, not a selected part of the body. So if you want to lose that stomach fat, then you must eat healthy non fatty food, workout, and be under your caloric maintenance. Targeting those body parts you want to lose fat on will be toned from your hard work, so when you do lose that fat, you will like what you see.

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