The Purpose of my athletic page

Why did I creating this website? My goal in creating this website is to educate athletes of any age through the trainings I have been through and the knowledge I have gathered over the last decade. I remember throughout high school I would always look online for a week by week program. However, I could never find anything solid, my goal for this website is to provide week by week training methods as best as I can. I’ll have different types of programs depending on the athlete’s goal, whether it’s endurance, explosive, or strength training. I’ve done each type of training extensively. I was a distance runner in high school for three years, I started lifting weights in the ninth grade, and have been doing explosive training since the tenth grade. I was also a college jumper for a very good division two school. I was on track to having a great collegiate career until a devastating hamstring injury. I have not competed in track for several years now, however I still take great care of myself. I still work on my endurance, strength, and explosiveness five days. I am not training for competition, but I do enjoy being very athletic and the training it requires.

Currently I post videos of some of my workouts on instagram, I make sure to provide a detailed caption of the workout and why I am doing it, so make sure to follow me @athletic_education . As I start putting together my weekly programs you’ll be able to see the workouts on my instagram page.

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